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Andrew Leo Stansbury


Ceramic and performance artist


Morris, MN and San Antonio, TX



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Copathethic, works by Libby Rowe & Andrew Leo Stansbury

Andrew Leo Stansbury is a ceramic-based performance artist from Cuero and San Antonio, Texas. As an Assistant Professor, he currently teaches Ceramics and Photography at the University of Minnesota Morris and is the Morrison Gallery's art preparator. Andrew is also a member of the artist collective The Lullwood Group in San Antonio.

He has been working with ceramics since 2005 and has over five years of experience as a ceramic technician. He holds his Masters of Fine Art in Artisanry from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. His MFA show opened in March of 2017. He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from UTSA in 2011, and he received his Associate of Arts and Science at the Victoria College in 2009.

As an artist, I seek not to appease, but rather confront. In order to do so, my work and my practice bluntly question popularized ideals of beauty and desire; I seek my own alternative version of beauty that accepts and is influenced by the unexpected or the traumatic. Through an open-narrative in material, I am not bound to a singular medium or easily coherent expression, but instead I consume and integrate performance, photography and process-oriented craft to create a unique moment.


2017 MASTER OF FINE ARTS. UMass Dartmouth, Dartmouth, MA.
2011 BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS. University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX.
2009 ASSOCIATE OF ARTS & ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE. Victoria College, Victoria, TX.

2018 – 2017 ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF STUDIO ART. University of Minnesota Morris. Morris, MN.
Ceramics, Photography [Darkroom], and Gallery Preparator.
2017 VISITING ARTIST TALK. BCC Taunton. Taunton, MA.
2016 VISITING ARTIST TALK. Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI.
2016, 2015 – 14 CERAMIC TECHNICIAN. UMass Dartmouth, New Bedford, MA.
2016 VISITING ARTIST TALK. Tabor Academy, Marion, MA.
2016 – 2015 TEACHER OF RECORD. Sculpture: 3D Foundations, Ceramics: Handbuilding.
UMass Dartmouth, Dartmouth and New Bedford, MA.
2016 – 2015 VISUAL RESOURCE CENTER ASSOCIATE. UMass Dartmouth, Dartmouth, MA.
2011 APPRENTICE. Luling Icehouse Pottery, Luling, TX.
2010 – 2009 CERAMIC TECHNICIAN. University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX.
2009 – 2008 CERAMIC LAB TECHNICIAN. Victoria College, Victoria, TX.

Present – 2013 MEMBER OF ARTIST COLLECTIVE. The Lullwood Group, San Antonio, TX.
2017 – 2016 PUBLIC RELATIONS. Gallery 244, New Bedford, MA.
2016 MINI ART MUSEUM: SUMMER INTERN. Spare Parts & 10 Bit Hackerspace, San Antonio, TX.
2016 – 2014 PRESIDENT / VICE PRESIDENT. UMass Dartmouth Ceramics Club, New Bedford, MA.

2017 – 2013 THE LULLWOOD GROUP. 107 Gallery, San Antonio, TX.
2016 WINDOW WORKS. Window Gallery, UMass Dartmouth Star Store, New Bedford, MA.
2014 NEVER LOG OFF: THE IRL EXPERIENCE. Ben Aqua. 107 Gallery, San Antonio, TX.
2013 PHILLIP AVILA. Lullwood Studios, San Antonio, TX.

2019 [TBA] Morrison Gallery, University of Minnesota Morris.
2017 FEVERISH FLESH. VERTIGO Performance Arts Series, University of Northern Iowa, Waterloo Center for the Arts, Waterloo, IA.

2016 PROTRUDE, with Kym Gardner. Gallery 244, UMass Dartmouth Star Store, New Bedford, MA.
2015 COPATHETIC, collaboration with Libby Rowe. The Lullwood Group, San Antonio, TX, and Gallery 244, UMass Dartmouth Star Store, New Bedford, MA.
2013 MARICELA OLGUIN & ANDREW LEO STANSBURY. Lady Base Gallery, San Antonio, TX.

2018 [TBA]
2018 COMMON CURRENTS, 1738. Artpace, San Antonio, TX.
2017 EBB: FLOW::. The Lullwood Group, San Antonio, TX.
2017 UMASSD MFA 2017 THESIS EXHIBITION. Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA.
2017 MFA THESIS EXHIBITION. UMass Dartmouth Gallery, New Bedford, MA.
2017 GAME OF CHANCE. Freight Gallery, San Antonio, TX.
2017 SMALL WORKS. Gallery 244, UMass Dartmouth Star Store, New Bedford, MA.
2015 EDUCATOR’S EXHIBITION, with Libby Rowe. SPE South Central, MAINSITE Contemporary Art, Norman, OK. Curated by Katherine Ward.
2015 XVII BIENNIAL ART FACULTY EXHIBITION. with Libby Rowe. UTSA Main Gallery, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX.
2015 PLIABLE. Frederick Douglass Gallery, Gallery X, New Bedford, MA.
[The rest cut because jee-bus there's a lot of random things over the course of ten previous years that doesn't matter.]

2017 Cate McQuaid. “Expect to see more in the future from these up-and-coming artists.” Boston Globe, 28 April 2017, online, 30 April 2017, print.

2017 SECOND PLACE. Create New + MFA Exhibition. University of Montana.
2017 SEMI-FINALIST. Fountainhead Fellowship Program, Craft/Material Studies, VCUArts.

2013 Stan Irvin. Altering Wheel Thrown Pots. Castroville Pottery, Castroville, TX.
2013 Steve Cossman, Mono No Aware. Direct Filmmaking. Southwest School of Art. San Antonio, TX.
2012 Jason Briggs. Porcelain Sculptures. Southwest School of Art. San Antonio, TX.

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